Friday, January 24, 2014

illegal character

Suddenly started facing following error on my development environment – during my maven build!

[ERROR][1,0] illegal character: \65279


The root cause of the issue is that the Java class has BOM(Byte-Order Mark) character and java 1.6 does not compile UTF-8 files having BOM!


On windows notepad++ has an option to encode the file to “UTF-8 without BOM” but didn’t find anything handy on linux!



Simplest possible solution!! – Copy the content of the file to another file and it works!



Thursday, January 9, 2014

Access Jboss7 JNDI Tree from command line

How to access Jboss7 JNDI Tree (and other container data) from command line:


1.       Login to jboss-cli: $<JBOSS_HOME>/bin/

2.       Connect with the container: > connect (provide host+port if not localhost)

3.       View jndi tree: > /subsystem=naming/:jndi-view


-          Sarang