Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Subclipse plugin installation in Eclipse Indigo on RHEL- Bug and resolution

I was facing issue while using subclipse plugin in my Eclipse Indigo on my RHEL (Redhat Linux) box.
Installation was successful but was giving error while connecting with SVN.

On searching for the solution, I found out that the issue was related to JavaHL. JavaHL is a "High Level" API and is provided with custom written C++ code to serve as the JNI bridge between Java code and the native libraries (C-libraries).

So the solution to the issue is providing JavaHL in eclipse classpath.
For me, the solution was relatively simple as I already had CollabNet SVN client installed on my box. If you don’t have thisclient installed, you will have to install it first from here –

CollabNet client contains required library (library name is
So add following vm argument in your eclipse.ini right after the line that reads “-vmargs” and that should resolve the issue.
Your eclipse.ini might look like this –

Refer this wiki page for more details and for resolving this issue on other operating systems -

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